Law Enforcement & Police take advantage of Netvision 360 Security Group's advanced line of law enforcement products.

Law Enfircement Surveillance Trailers

The Mobile Law Enformcement Trailer is a portable surveillance trailer designed for law enforcement applications. Equipped with high definiton PTZ cameras and an advanced video management system, the Law Enforcement Surveillance Trailer is easily setup and deplyed in remote locations to monitor for criminal activity. The surveillance trailer systems incorporate HD PTZ cameras, onboard video recording and remote monitoring/administration over 4G Cellular networks. Each trailer provides its own power source to keep the surveillance equipment running via solar and batteries. 

Whether it is used for public safety or criminal investigations, the Law Enforcement Surveillance Trailer operates effeiciently and aids in duties of law enforcement personell.

Police IP Camera Wireless Pole Mount

This camera is camera can be installed anywhere with access to a power source. Its built in 4g Wireless capabilities make it easy to monitor from anywhere. Used to secure downtown city streets or governement properties. The high definiton PTZ camera will capture video with excellent clearity to get identification of suspects.