Construction Site Security

Construction site heavy-equipment and material theft is widespread and expensive for both the owners of the property and their insurers. Construction site related theft has increased 10% every year since 1996 and shows no sign of slowing. Because of this, insurance companies are increasingly beginning to deny claims made regarding construction site property. That is why setting up construction site security cameras is more important than ever. It is now time to safeguard and protect your investment in a proactive manner by deploying the NetVision Remote Surveillance Trailer for your construction site.


Just the Facts

  • 500 pieces of equipment go missing each week
  • Only 10-15% is ever recovered
  • Approx 70% of owners experience equipment theft
  • Theft accounts for 50% of all equipment losses
  • Skid Steers, tractors and backhoes account for approx 70% of stolen vehicles

Construction Site Surveillance

The Netvision Remote Video Surveillance trailer is a useful tool for construction site management. Our unit allows you to monitor worker efficiency and productivity, as well as prevent accidents or mishaps by ensuring all staff are abiding by all health and safety regulations.

Where managers had to frequently visit sites and projects first hand to determine productivity, they can now monitor multiple sites from the comfort of their office using the included remote access tools.

Loss Prevention

Although theft accounts for 50% of all losses at construction sites, loss comes in many forms including vandalism, natural damage (flood, earthquake, etc.) accidental and fire damage. Our system which is quite visible acts as a deterrent for would be thieves and vandals. During off-peak hours it is remotely monitored by Securitas who will contact local authorities in your area for quick response apprehension. Events are stored so that any on-site accidents or equipment damage can be investigated without bias.