We are Netvision 360 Security Group, a leader in the Loss Prevention industry. Netvision Mobile Video Surveillance solution provided by Netvision 360 Security Group, offers a dynamic security solution for your remote monitoring needs. Our product is completely wireless, mobile, and best of all, cost effective.

Netvision 360 Security Group works with companies worldwide; whose primary issue is not having access to power onsite. From substations to construction sites and refineries, Netvision 360 Security Group works with a continuous improvement mentality to make sure sites are more safe and secure.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide portable surveillance solutions combined with the latest in Analytics Technology.  This is accomplished by using customized solutions for each client that will meet their surveillance needs.  We utilize the latest in video compression, wireless, and  cellular networks.  Our mobile technology solutions offers you the ability to monitor any site, from anywhere.” – Netvision 360 Security Group.